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 Randolph Funeral Home & Cremation Services

100 Meadow Lane |  Valley Bend, WV 26293  |  Phone: (304) 338-4800
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Hostetler Funeral Home

225 Walnut Street |  Parsons, WV 26287  |  Phone: (304) 478-4800
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Randolph County's only Human Crematory

In January of 2013, Randolph Funeral Home and Cremation Services became the only funeral home in Randolph County to have an onsite human remains crematory. This has enabled us to be more in control of the process and length of time it takes to return a persons' cremains to their families. And in return, families have found comfort in knowing that once their loved one has been brought to our funeral home, that loved one is not transported elsewhere for final disposition. It has also helped us to keep our prices down which is another benefit to the families we serve.